Saturday, 16 February 2008

The RCX IRLink block is finally available from hitechnic after a long wait since October 2007.

It is not as complicated as I thought it would be but then again it shouldn't be.

There are some interesting features on it although it may be quite hard to understand for first-timers.

Hitechnic IRLink Block Download

Thursday, 14 February 2008

This is a robotic arm which was designed for a project on wheels. But because it weighs so much and there is so much strain on some of the motors it never got any further than a stationary arm.


Unlike most robotic arms the twisting wrist allows for more freedom to pick more complex objects up.

This is a joystick which I made to control literally any NXT robot. It can control up to 6 motors or more depending on how you program it. Also as a bonus it can use my AT commands for usage with a mobile phone.

It uses 2 motors (as rotation sensors), 1 sound sensor, 1 acceleration sensor, 1 compass sensor, and 1 touch sensor.

The motors are for simple driving techniques, the sound can control the speed of a motor; eg. the louder the noise, the faster the motor, the touch can take pictures etc, the compass can have an offset then take action when you twist the joystick and the NXT buttons can control a motor or change the bluetooth connection.

Monday, 11 February 2008

uno card dealer by RjbsNXT

This is my latest project which can deal a selected amount of cards to a selected amount of players. It only deals one card at a time due to some fine tuning with elastic bands.
After the cards have been dealt the remote control takes over and you can drive the robot to where you want then deal a card.

Here is a short video.

There have been quite a few UNO card dealers on NXTLOG but none have actually been perfected to only deal one at a time and to deal to a selected amount of players.
I have just found a free file hosting site so here are the .rbt files:
UNO card dealer program (joystick): Compact Joystick recommended