Friday, 2 May 2008

This is my entry for the Earth Day Building Challenge.

It consists of 1 NXT to control it, 2 motors to drive the robot around the garden and 3 sensors for robot guidance.

The name suggests what it says, pollinates plants. I chose this because it is shaping the landscape with colourful flowers, taking the place of dying out bees and helping convert CO2 into oxygen by reproducing plants.

Okay, now for how it works. It works by searching for a flower to pollinate with the UltraSonic sensor.
Then the robot turns back 5 degrees to align with the symmetry of the robot.
The program then directs the robot towards and over the flower to pollinate. The pollen then sticks to the pegs on the underside of the robot whatever size of flower the robot works from about 3cm to 10cm.
When the robot drives over the next flower, it will be pollinated and more pollen will be picked up.

The Program
1• Clap start
2• Spin to find a flower
3• Drive towards flower / Drive forward
4• Collect pollen
5• Repeat 2, 3 and 4 until...
6• Clap finish

Time to build: 1 day.
Time to design: ≈ 2 weeks
Lego pieces used: ≈ 150 from my count.

By RjbsNXT


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